Bayrol SpaTime Chlorine Granulates 1 kg


Chlorine granules reliably disinfect your spa water. The granules dissolve quickly and have an immediate effect against bacteria, turbidity and impurities.    


• lime-free, pH neutral

• Dust-free micro-balls

• Dissolves quickly and without residue

• Can be used with any water hardness

• Stabilizing effect on free active chlorine in the water

• Prevents rapid chlorine breakdown at higher water temperatures and strong sunlight


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  • 1 kg
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Bayrol SpaTime bromine tablets 0.8 kg


Bromine tablets reliably disinfect your spa water, because bromine is just as effective as chlorine. The tablets dissolve slowly and thus release their active ingredients over a longer period of time.    


• No chlorine smell, but as effective as chlorine

• Noticeably more pleasant for the skin and eyes

• More safety in disinfection due to greater pH tolerance

• Soluble and residue-free



24,40 €

  • 0,8 kg
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Bayrol SpaTime active oxygen granules 1 kg


The active oxygen granules gently disinfect your spa water. By using this absolutely chlorine-free method, the water feels particularly natural and pleasant, is gentle on the skin and hair and odorless. To increase the effectiveness of the granules, you should also use the SpaTime Active Oxygen Activator.    


• Noticeably pleasant and odorless water quality without chlorine, gentle on skin and hair

• Especially skin-friendly in the application concentration

• Heavy metal free

• Fast and residue-free soluble



25,50 €

  • 1 kg
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Bayrol SpaTime Active Oxygen Activator 1 L


Active oxygen activator enhances the action of active oxygen granules and supports its disinfecting power. The activator works only in combination with active oxygen granules.


• Heavy metal free

• Absolutely foam-free, pH-neutral 



16,95 €

  • 1 kg
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Bayrol SpaTime Water-Pure 4 x 35 g


The special formula of pure water allows to effectively preventing problems in the treatment of water. Water-Pure provides additional disinfection and keeps the water crystal clear. In addition, Water-Pure can also be used if the water has become cloudy or discoloured. Water-Pure can be used with all care methods.


• Makes the water crystal clear

• Additional hygiene protection

• Pre-portioned bag, added directly to the spa

Wasser rein

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