Our hot tubs offer not only high comfort and noble appearance, but are also equipped with high quality materials and components .   

These include our Bluetooth sound system, Balboa control, stainless steel jets and frames, ozone generator disinfection, automatic frost monitor, lighted water features and a heat-storing bath isolation

To get information about further components and additional options look at the text below.





 Bluetooth sound system


The waterproof sound system allows for a cable-free connection with which you can listen to your favourite music from your mobile phone or other Bluetooth enabled gadgets.    


Balboa control system


By means of the control panel from Balboa (world market leading manufacturer), the massage jets, lighting, filter cycles and the temperature can be controlled. The display shows all currently saved data.    

 Stainless steel nozzles


Only high quality stainless steel nozzles are used to ensure durability.    

In addition, you experience the highest massage comfort due to the conscious arrangement of the jets.    

Stainless steel frames


All Euro Spa whirlpools are equipped with a solid stainless steel frame, which ensures the stability of the filled tub.

In contrast to other surrounds, the stainless steel frame doesn't rust and so it is very durable.


Ozonator disinfection


Ozone disinfection is one of the best technologies in the spa industry. In a gentle way it eliminates algae, bacteria and odours.



Automatic frost monitor


All pools are made for temperatures down to -25 degrees Celsius. Should the water temperature approach the freezing point, the frost guard automatically switches on to prevent freezing.

Lighted water features


A special highlight is the multi-coloured LED lighting, which perfects the complete optical package of your hot tub and offers a colour light therapy. You can choose between different colours which illuminate the pool and the water games.



Bath isolation


A highly densified insulating foam (approximately 20mm) is applied to the tub in order to isolate the hot tub. Due to the special foam, the heat loss is kept extremely low.